45mil SP pilot lf small-ish C5-C5 corp USTZ

45mil SP pilot looking for a new home in c5-c5 space. Interested in small, tight-knit, skilled corp that can show me things I’ve never seen before.

Main can fly: loki, tengu, t2 shak, t2 drek, t2 nagl, triple anci raven
Alt n1 can fly: tengu, logi cruiser 4, phoenix, soon will have logi cruiser 5 + fax
Alt n2 can fly: sabre, full bursts + mindlinks

Hey man, I’m CEO of a small C5 corp called Squid Squad. We formed two months ago and have been steadily trying to grow and make our mark in WH space. I’d say we’re doing pretty decent, but my opinion is a bit bias.

Here’s a couple examples of what we do and how we run, and you can also check out our killboard to take a look at what we fly and what we do a bit as well.

We’d be happy to speak with you and see if you’re a good fit, we’re primarily later EST TZ in terms of when we play.
Hop in discord and we can have a chat if you’re interested

If you’re not stuck on the C5, we live in a C4 C3/C5 for maximum content. Small, tight knit group of veteran (mostly 100-200m SP) PvPers.

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