Looking for experienced C3 WH corp

Returning to the game and I’m looking for an established and experienced group currently living in a c3.


62m sp, mostly combat focsed

Can fly logi and many other ships for quick fleet integration

P.I production

US based but available across many time zones

Good listener <3


Experienced - CEO/Corp should have been playing for a few years

Established - You’ve been in WH space for over a year and preferably have Capital production capabilities or future ambitions to.

Organized crabbing in addition to pvp - semi frequent with players that like running sleeper sites or exploration, nothing crazy.

Fleet ops with the ability to field at least 8-10 players

SRP and if not, SRP for logi as I’m not dropping 300m so I can get blapped every op.

Buyback program for salvage/P.I production

Thanks for your time.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to respond or contact me in game.



C4-C5/C3 corp, check out Holesale Operations in-game for more information! Solid group of guys, lot of experience/fun.

C3s don’t really support more than a handful of people, you quickly run out of content in the hole and don’t have the option to roll for more content- unless you’re a nullsec static. At that point you should just be in a C2 NS/C5, though.

I’d highly recommend you consider C4/C5/C6, it’s not as bad as you think. Especially when you’re in a strong, active group.

Hey. Not sure on your play time but we might be of interest.

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