C4 WH corp LF experienced WH'rs

New Corp, New Home. We own a c4 c2/c3

We are a new corp , on the prowl for experienced WH pilots. By experienced I mean able to hold their own and not die to making obvious mistakes or being a lemming in general. While not an elitist PvP corp, we are interested in maintaining our cohesion and that only comes with competence. In lieu of this we are only interested in PvP experienced pilots of various sorts who are content driven.

We offer:

– c4 for moon mining, sites via static c3 BLOPs via 0.0 entrances in either static c3 or c2.

  • Experienced Leadership and FCs ( been in WH since it started and Eve since eve started etc…)
  • Easy Logistics in and out via consistent K-space connections via either Static
  • Help in fittings, skill progressions, sites etc… we are here to do this thing together, ie; “Together” being the definative word there.
  • Discord Comms
  • Custom Eve Music made by our CEO (sound engineer and producer-trance/drum and bass/dubstep/metalstep/Epic Hybrid etc…) Tends to be played during the long hours of stalking and bashing/mining.
  • Access to Planetary Interaction/manufacture and research/mining facility structures with 0 tax for corp.

We require:

  • Omegas Only
  • Adults Only ( we like to banter and joke around so holding back just impedes the fun)
  • Ability to fly a t3c cruiser (armor) and/or Stratios w/full t2 fit (drones and mods) or Armored Command Ship/Logistics
  • Activity is a must. We rely on eachother and pilots must be able to be a participant
  • Use of Mapper and upkeep of sigs while in system/chain.

We are a still forming group. I know the requirements are high, but its necessary to keep the corp up to par in regards to what is needed to be a viable force, both pvp wise and financially. We want go getter, active pilots who know what they are interested in flying in.

We are aiming at conduction consistent BLOPs via 0.0 in our statics once numbers are up, in addition to invasion/eviction of corps that come off as trolls to the bears in W-space, obv with home defense taking a priority.

If you wish to get your cards in order and have an active fun group to do it with. Feel free to convo Menenhetet Neteru or write me a mail to proceed.

We will not accept unsolicited applications. They result in permabans from corp.

Thanks for your time,
Menes IV

Bumpage –

Daily Bump… On the prowl for PvP pilots and miners interested in Wh mining.
Hit me up.

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