WH Corp Wants YOU To Be Part of the Rebuild! C4-C4/C2, PvP & PvE

In 2016, I found myself on a 4-day bus trip and during that time, everything went to ■■■■. Now I’m back and rebuilding after a 3 year break.

C4 (C4/C2) Wormhole based corp with experienced leadership, looking for active pilots who know how to use D-scan, probes, and are proficient in any of the following:

T3 Cruisers

Voice Comms: Discord
WH Mapper: Tripwire

Must have a mic and be on comms when logged in.
No hard SP minimum, just be self-sufficient with means for generating income for yourself and be able proficient with at least two of the bolded ship classes from the list above.

PvP Pilots will receive heavily discounted prices on Combat Boosters (for personal use only!) once we get production back up and running.

Frequent small gang PvP fleets. Experienced FCs, as always, will be given special consideration.

C4 with C4/C2 statics, frequent HS market hub access via the C2. Corp buys your gas, ore, salvage and sleeper loot.

Structures are owned outside of corp, no HS wardec bs to deal with (unless we want to, frequent wars available to stick our noses into if the mood hits). For the most part, our PvP opportunities will be in the form of folks up and down the chain or our frequent exits to busy nullsec and lowsec areas. If you’re a wspace veteran, you know fun isn’t hard to find. If you’re new to wspace, that’s okay - we’ll teach you everything you need to know to make it work!

Stop by channel Join AIA to chat with us!

Still looking for new folks!

Im intrested in joining but im new to wh space. I have a enough income so i can afford to try aomething new And am excited to try a new life in eve.

Sounds interesting - what is your TZ?

USTZ, but I work from home (entrepreneur) and am generally online at unexpected hours - even if I’m just using the client’s chat features while working on RL projects.


it me CW from the Kronos Ritual but in times past I was too in AIA! you can check in-game, my only other corp was AIA. i’m the golden standard of corp member, i assure you.
I learned so much from Charlinda when I first started. I dove straight into WH’s to start and Charlinda taught me the foundations to what I’ve built on my piloting now.
In times past AIA was a drug cartel and through that I was taught the OLD SCHOOL booster ways, Charlinda was my Heisenberg and I his Jessie. I still use the wisdom passed to me on boosters to generate my ISK. Now you kids have it easy with these fancy Citadels, I bled with AIA between our many POS’s to get our customers the product they needed! but I digress…
Especially with a C4. You’re a step away from high class holes and a step away from Low class and k space and probably oodles of content.
Plainly put, if you want an intimate experience, firm and fair leadership, this is your choice. It might be small at first but you can build something here, imagine the possibilities? endless.
Forge a fresh future under AIA or a complete new one! Are you unsure if you want to take the plunge? Do it here, its exactly what I did and now i’m an ELITE nano ganger.

But that wouldn’t of happen without Charlinda and AIA

77777777777777777777777o see ya around captain :yum:

(I also enjoyed a very thorough and interesting RP experience, when applicable with Charlinda and co back in the day. I dare you to bother him about it, it might be fun!)

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Hi Guys,

Tried to join your channel to have a chat asked for a PW. keen to talk about join you guys 12 & 19m SP toons mainly indy based but looking to learn more PVP.


I’ll mail you ingame Rourkke.

CW m8, thank you for that! Wish I could get you back, but I’m glad you’re having fun with your current mates <3 o7

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would love to chat

Sent you an eve mail to talk about your corp.

In Game chat seems to be passworded?

What is your prime-time if I may ask?

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