Looking for new WH Corp

So long story cut short, Five of us looking for an Active WH Corp we have been stuck in a dead Corp with an inactive CEO. 2 of us are Newbros and others Vets. we have a mix of EU/US time zone and looking to join in and contribute to the Group.

Please send me a mail in game or Respond here thanks Torlin.

Hi Torlin,

We’re a small but very active wormhole corp living in a C4 with C1/C3 statics. We are primarily USTZ with a small EU presence that we are looking to build up a little more. We’re very laid back, real life first sort of folks. We’re here to have fun, not take internet spaceships overly seriously

We do a lot of pve and definitely jump on pvp whenever it is available. We engage in a variety of industry activities too.

I’ll link our posting below where you can find a link to our discord. Feel free to reach out if you are interested or would like more information.

Fly safe! o7

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My friend, can I call you my friend? Anywho, we are a pvp corp with a c2 with NS/C5 we do rat on occasion if that’s tickles a willy give me a call. In fact hop in the discord https://discord.gg/n8wfrjA7

Also this is a very social corp so uh, gotta be chatty :smiley:

AYO if PVP tickles your willy then msg Dawn Thorn in-game, I’ll probably touch you in all the right places and get you up in here REAL QUICK. I’m very busy so I can’t type up a giant message to spam you with, but that shouldn’t concern you because this is just some internet space pixels


I you want some c5 action we would gladly welcome you to our discord for a chat.

See you around :slight_smile:

Hello, i returned to game after many years. İ was living in wh before i abandoned game.So i want to play in wh again.please contact me from game…i want to join you…Fly Safe o7 Kafa Dağıtalım