C2 hs/c4 wh corp LF pilots (pvp focused)

New c2 hs/c4 wormhole corp looking for pilots. Fairly simple, we want muscle, and bros to have fun with.


  • ability to fly tactical destroyers , t3 strategic cruisers , recon , logi, or t2 fit Stratios at minimum (more than one preferred)
  • competence and willingness to Probe and maintain WH mapper
  • active
  • Experienced in WH
  • two + accounts ( eyes + main)
  • Working Mic and Headset
  • Hunger to make isk and tears

We Offer:

  • 6+ years WH experience (leadership has been in WH since day 1)
  • 14 years pvp experience
  • c4 static for running sites ( either in fleet or solo w/marauder etc…)
  • Moon Mining Operations (max boosted)
  • astrahus citadel to base out of until we upgrade to fortizar (near future)
  • Training in combat probing/d-scanning
  • Voice Comms
  • Mapper
  • SRP for fleet vessels (corp provides ships for pvp operations during fleet ops vs pilots bringing own)

We are only interested in motivated active pilots.

We reserve the right to refuse your application because of regional profiling. ie: wont accept brits, Chinese, Russians, or N Koreans.

Thanks for your time,

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