New c4 c2/c3 wormhole corp LF pilots

The Divine Neteru ( Company of the Gods) is a newly formed c4 wormhole corp that is on the lookout for more pvp’rs to add to our ranks. Currently we are getting logistics in order as we recruit to increase fleet capabilities for our goal of being self sufficient both in defensive fleets and in raids and Dives.

We are interested in experienced WH pilots and those with experience in maintaining w-space mapping tools Predominately armor based we are focused on pvp pilots capable of flying at the least one of the following :

  • Loki , Proteus, Legion, Guardian, Damnation, Kikimora, Devoter, t2 gun mega/abbadon/machariel
    in addition all pilots must be able to fly Stratios/Astero , Confessor , bomber

These ships are for the more extensive side of wh pvp. We conduct ops with various doctrines dependent on the situation.

We offer:

  • c4 living out of a astrahus (for now)
  • c3 static for solo site running
  • Poco tax set to 0.0 for corp ( can make all PI materials/fuel blocks etc…)
  • Moon Mining arrays setup for corp use
  • free manufacturing and other services at our citadels etc…
  • SRP for formal fleet operations and handout ships for bomber/home defense fleets.
  • Experienced leadership with more than 13 years in game

We are looking for:

  • Explorers and other combat type pilots
  • Miners willing to learn the ropes of WH and train into defensive vessels
  • Trader/Manufacturers to utilize the ore/PI etc… that we obtain in the Hole to make cheaper replacements for our fleets.
  • 10+ mil sp minimum
  • English Speaking

If interested hit me up with a mail. Or reply on here and i will contact you shortly. Thanks for your time.

aka Menes

daily bump

bumpage… still on the lookout for experienced WH pvprs hit me up…

Hi there,
We have a few really experienced guys that could lend a hand. Feel free to reach out any time it’s convenient for you. We are also very interested in setting up some Joint - Operations in the wormholes.

Sub Inc. - Undocking is our Specialty.

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