C4 WH (C4/C3 Statics) Corp Looking for Pilots

We currently own a C4 system, and we’re looking to expand our roster as we we make preparations to move to a C5. We are still in the early preparations stages, so we will stay in the C4 for some time longer before making the move.

We’re looking for those who are new to wormhole life and looking to explore this area of Eve. We don’t mind teaching as long as you don’t mind learning. Understand that there is a learning curve involved with living in wormholes, and you WILL lose ships. This is Eve after all.

Industrial pilots are welcome. We have a solid level of infrastructure in the system, and we’re continuing to improve the system.

We are also looking for more corps to join our alliance. We’re currently looking for both pvp and industrial corps. It is highly recommend that corps looking to join wormhole space be involved at both.

Looking for new and veteran pilots.

Still recruiting.

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