C4 WH PVP corp - Deep Space Coalition - recruiting *MOTIVATED* and *ACTIVE* pilots!

We are a C4 wormhole alliance executor looking to expand our US and EU TZ ranks with PvP minded pilots. Get in on the excitement and action that comes from not knowing what is beyond the next wormhole! Living in a C4 wormhole with C3 / C4 statics can offer some awesome content and huge ISK making opportunities. Ideally, you will be PvP experienced. Wormhole experience is a plus but not a requirement. We can introduce wormhole life to anyone willing to learn. Cloaky and good Scanning skills will be very helpful.

What we offer:

-Small gang roams
-Experienced players that are happy to help out
-Great PI
-Moon mining
-Ore/PI/Salvage buy back program
-Ratting fleets
-Multiple cits for extra clones
-Efficient and effective bookmarking system
-Limited SRP

What we expect:

-Access to Teamspeak3/Discord
-Willing to scan down the chain and actively look for content
-Omega clone status or looking to upgraded soon

Our aim is to have constant activity and fun times. We have built a community of helping each other out whether that be back up for PVE ops or just talking fitting theory.

Many of us have come from living in null where we were tired of the politics and were looking for something with a little bit more of a wildness and freedom. There is always something new waiting in the next connection that will either kill or be killed. We love creating new and interested traps to snare our victims, whether they work or not is a different story! We are a smallish corp but that doesn’t stop us from trying big things.

Please check out our website http://www.aclassapart.net/ for more info on who we are.

In the first instance, please contact Starglider7 (EUTZ), Logan Eto (EUTZ), or Ovyx Tilleren (USTZ) via EvEmail or drop into our public channel: “D-SCO Recruit” for an informal chat.

We are still looking for pilots to join us!




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