Looking to share Wormhole C4 with H900(C5)/C247(C3) Static with PVP corp


i’am in “posession” of the WH mentioned above and because of the upcoming opportunities of moon mining i intend to stay there. Currently the hole is beeing worked by a few Toons i own. Since defending space as a single person multiboxing is not an easy task, i’am searching for a Corporation that is willing to get into said WH and share it with me. Long story short.

What i offer: - Access to mentioned C4
- Dedicating a Toon to Corporation and taking part in fleet
- The opporunity to flourish and grow together

What i demand: - Small/medium sized, experienced PVP Corp willing and able to defend
- A deposit beeing made to me for obvious reasons
- Ability to mind my own business

If you are interested you can write me in game or reply to this post and i will try to find you in game.

Sent mail in game GASFREAKS

Hi. Iam already in Contact with some other guy “Bruce Mantooth Mantooth” from your corporation. I will be talking to him about the C4 tomorrow around 4pm game time. Sort it out with him if you want to join in. Fly save :slight_smile:

Interesting concept, a wormhole renter. Though the question arises for me how will you ensure your position and that you are paid for the “renting” instead of being evicted once the corp moves in and establishes itself? Hope you don’t mind the question, just curious. You can send me an EVEmail with the answer if you want to keep it private. o/

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