C3 Small independant PvE/PvP Wormhole Corp

Hey Guys,

We’re a small time WH corp operating out of a C3 WH with a NS static. Looking for any independant wormholers out there that want to join up and work towards the common goal of making monies and having fun in PvE/Industry/PvP. If you’re new to WH’s then that’s no bother, just so long as you’re able to keep yourself entertained during quiet periods and also happy to contribute to mapping out the chain.

Send me a message or join our channel Circular Circle for more information. Discord is used for comms.


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Hello @chewy,

I personally love what you are doing here and look forward to you advancing in JSpace as a group. Keep up the good work and if you ever are looking to expand into something more or even looking for some help…it is possible that WHSOC can deliver. We are always looking for great Corps looking for just a bit more out of their EVE content.

Hope to see ya in space,

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Thanks @Mr_Glaser… Will give it some thought!

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