Hello im a near year old charactor looking for a c3 wormhole corp

tell me if your interested

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we are interested. tell me more about yourself on discord - glorfindeil#2642

Im interested in knowing more about you. Feel free to send me an email in game or try to start a convo !

K I’ll try to get back to you too

kate the discord link expiered

Check out Repo. We are a tight knit group of players that would be happy to have you join, We Enjoy Small gang PvP and really just hanging out together and having a laugh. REPO [C4 Small Gang PvP]

actually looking to rat but thanks for the offer

Hello @john_theevemain,

We are a Experienced C4 group that loves to help train players in the Art of WH Survival. If you get a chance, come take a closer look at who and what we are in EVE…ask for a recruiter.

Hope to see you in space,

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