Looking for new home in WH with C4 stat

Hi there. WH player here. I am looking for a Corp to play the WH live with.

What i offer:
+T2C, Marauder toon, perfect armor logi skills
+Bubbler on an ALT char
+willing to adapt to doctrine
+self sustaining C4 farming for steady income
+active chain scanning with a skilled ALT char
+Willing to do all kinds of stuff together and will show up for CTAs/pings if RL allows

What i look for:
+Either you are a group of people active around the clock to play together, or you are in USTZ/AUTZ so i can be your lazy night shift PVE farmer who gets crazy rich. :wink:
+A must is a useful bookmarking system and useage of a 3rd party tool (we can set that up if you haven’t yet). Currently i use pathfinder.
+Optimally you have a skilled FC that can work with people, i want to learn.
+In general i look for a bunch of like-minded ppl, no xenophobes, nationalists or otherwise stuck-in-the-past-humans
+It’s okay to have WH friends, but i don’t want to be part of a huge alliance. (Prefer small gang)

Please contact me ingame <3

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We Touch Your Holes is recruiting, hi im Lilith Badasaz, CEO of WTYH. We are a new wormhole corp and can fulfill the majority of your requests. We live in a c2, with H/C4 statics. We are a new community so hopping to get new memebers, you would be our first memeber outside of myself and 1 other suedo leadership member who is focused on industry. We are both FC’s however the majority of the content currently would be coming from myself. There is also additional isk making opportunities for helping with the typical day to day duties of living in WH life, provided to you by the corp. If you are looking to learn more about what we can offer we have a recruitment post up on the forums or feel free to reach out to me in game. The primary goal of our corp is small gang PvP and C4 ratting.


(Ill message you in game as well)

-Lilith Badasaz

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Bump it up

Hey there Spon Gee,

We’re a newer wormhole corp looking to bolster our manpower. USTZ, currently living in a C4 with C1/C3 statics. Good access to varied content. We definitely are down for pvp but we do a little bit of everything: pvp, pve, mining/indy.

We use pathfinder and a tightly organized bookmarking format. Helps everything run more smoothly.

We’re all very laid back, real life first sorts of folks. Nobody is gonna catch flak for not showing up for a ping, we all do what we can.

I’ll reach out to you in game via eve-mail and will drop our post below where you can find a link to our discord. Hit me up if you are interested or if you have any questions.

Thank you for your message, but these statics are really not interesting for me. :slight_smile:
i wish you fun and hope to meet you out there for friendly fights.

Hey there Mr. Spon

I am Jaken Yaken Bakin from Enigma Expanse. We live in a C4 with C3 and C5 statics, and our members do just about everything, from ratting to industry. we are experienced in the way of wormholes, and are always welcoming new members. We also have 5 structures for all of your manufacturing, mining, or refining needs.

To address what you are looking for in a corp-

Activity- we are almost always online, with members across the globe (mostly Americans)

Bookmarking- we are experienced in the ways of pathfinder, and our pathfinder is usually clean and our bookmarking system is simple to learn

FC- while we rarely do large pvp, we have a good amount of experienced players from all backgrounds, and we are close with hole control alliance (not in it) and sometimes do ops with them.

group- we moderate our discord to be mainly EVE, and our players are friendly, unless there is a random astero in a neighboring hole, which WILL be dropped on by everything we have ready.

population- we are a small corp of around 50-60 people, and no other corps in the alliance

message me or my CEO ( Scorpiox Sparrock) in game if you are interested.

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