Corp looking to fold in to another entity for static C2+C3,4,5 wormhole content 05:00-DT

So we are a corp with 11 live pilots that wanted to get in to wormhole space seeking a new home for our members. What we want is C2 and C3, 4 or 5 static wormholes, no k space connections. Looking for a place to pve, run indy, have a good time, and pvp too. Main requirements are the right holes with activity around 05:00-DT.

Had been trying to start our own gig, but lost the drive to continue running the corp and seeking a good place for the members we have recruited who joined for this kind of content. So if you want a batch of dudes, here is an opportunity for recruitment. Can’t promise everyone will join, but 5 of us are a group of close knit friends who travel as a pack. Have interest in all the content WH life provides and only other real interest is pochven. We are a small gang crew without much large fleet interest.

Hello there, we are a C4 - C3-C5 WH corp looking for new small indy corps to join our ranks. Speak to Scotty Omerta for more information.

Closing at the polite request of OP