C4 WH - EWAR is our Jam


(Icarus Narcissus) #1

We are a corporation that resides in a Class 4 Black Hole system with class 4 and 5 statics. We operate mainly in the North American Timezones, but have a small European Time zone membership as well.

What we do:
We’re those guys. We use ECM liberally. We hunt in null with Black Ops. We jam out our opponents’ logi. We take the bait for a chance to fight, regardless of the odds. We jam out our opponents’ DPS. We use capitals when we probably shouldn’t. Did I mention we really like ECM?

What We Provide:

  • PvP Content: Weekly pre-scheduled Black Ops hunting fleets, usually on weekends
  • General camaraderie both in Eve and out
  • A wormhole home outfitted with Good Infrastructure™ for your ISK making needs

What We Require:

  • Don’t be a dick. Seriously, this is a game. We are all here to have fun. Being a dick to corp mates or any other players will not be tolerated. Copious use of ECM is the one and only exception.
  • A Minimum of 12M SP with the ability to fly a fitted Stealth Bomber before you apply
  • Full API for each account that has characters joining the corp.

What We Don’t Require:

  • Major Skills ahead of time: As long as you can fly a stealth bomber properly, we will provide a training plan that will get you into ships needed to get kills with us. We don’t expect you to have planned to join us for the past year.
  • Tech 3 Ships. You will never be required to lose SP when you pop. It’s definitely an option though.
  • Minimum activity. Real life comes first. If you can only play one day a week, that’s fine. If you let us know ahead of time that you’ll be AFK a while, that’s fine. That said, if you drop off the face of the planet for a month without warning, you’ll be kicked.

Tools of the Trade:

  • Teamspeak 3
  • Pathfinder
  • Slack
  • Fleet-Up

How to Find Us:

  • Join the P-NXT Recruit channel in game
  • Reply here
  • Sent a mail to Icarus Narcissus or Silas Grimm

Bittervet looking for new home
LF active corp with good isk making opportunities
Returning player looking for group to fly with!
116m sp pvp char looking for WH corp for pvp/isk something new
Returning player 3.2mil sp
(Silas Grimm) #2

We’re actively recruiting! Stop by our recruit channel in game, P-NXT Recruit

(Icarus Narcissus) #3

We’re actively recruiting. If null politics have messed with your game time, you could always try wormholes!

(Silas Grimm) #4

WH space calls!

(Silas Grimm) #5

New member last night! The recruitment drive continues.

(Zebbulon) #6

Hello, I have just returned to eve and I’m interested in joining your corp. Have TS, can fly a stealth bomber, and can be available for a interview. Thanks

(Kirk Orlenard) #7

A very chill corp with some interesting and intelligent individuals, when real life gets in the way they are understanding, because they have personal experience with this. Always looking to improve is also a great attribute, would not trade them for all the Citadels in Wormhole space.

(Kasumi Kaede) #8

Great corp full of competent and fun loving pilots. They are always willing to lend a hand and help corpmates out! So glad I found an awesome home. These folks ‘get’ that it is a game and is supposed to be fun!

(Silas Grimm) #9

We’re still in search of more pilots - stop in to P-NXT Recruit

(Icarus Narcissus) #10

So, we’re definitely still recruiting. We spent some time welcoming a few new people and now we’re back at it!

(Silas Grimm) #11

Any DPS or logi pilots out there looking for a home?

(Zacanawa) #12

Hello there,

i just got back to eve after 7 years. this last 1week and half, i have been doing WH all alone but have decided that i need some friends in game, so here i am on the forum.

you guys have a discord channel? where we can talk better ? i have joined your chat ‘‘P-NXT Recruit’’

(Silas Grimm) #13

o7 Zacanwana,

I am still at work but I will be online in an hour or so. We’re mainly USTZ so we ramp up after 6 Eastern US for the most part.

We use TS3 and Slack. Once I get home I’ll shoot you the TS3 info.

  • Grimm

(Adria Amoro) #14

Still looking for people? No one is in the chat channel…

(Silas Grimm) #15

We sure are. I logged for the night about 1:30 AM, I just missed you I think. I will be around later today. For now…it’s the ‘honey do’ list

(Mathias Ambraelle) #16

I joined this corp a couple of days ago and I would definitely recommend it for those who are looking for a tight-knit and organized group. Silas was patient and enthusiastically answered all my questions. The interview process was fair and not grilling; it felt like I was taken seriously. They utilize many tools and resources to help get you on track from the start and always willing to give guidance for the rookies.

10/10 would join again.

(system) #17

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