Join EE6 to experience the WH life

EE6 is recruiting both new and old players for wormhole space. We reside within a recently settled c4 with c5 access. We are looking for both experienced veterans and aspiring rookies who are willing to be part of a team and help the corp rebuild in our new home.
We have no sp requirements we only ask that you are willing to train into our armor and shield doctrines within a month or joining. (There are alpha accessible options as well as low sp versions.) That you are willing to join coms while operating within the wormhole and collaborate with your fellow corp mates. That you accept guidance and are willing to adapt to our operating procedures for naming and fittings. And most importantly that you are not a ****.

We are a wormhole corp and we do almost all our content from our home hole. We ask that you become familiar with rolling and how wormhole space works. We are happy to teach as much as u need us to as long as you are willing to listen. Our main content includes c5 ratting (Leshak or marauders), and rage rolling for PvP content. We also do mining fleets for gas and ore and collaborate on isk making opportunities in all aspects of the wormhole. We have a mix of time zones but primarily are online during American prime time. But we are looking to expand this.

I won’t lie that the past couple months have been rough for us. The corp has just settled this system and is rebuilding our numbers. We only have one astrahaus that we operate out of but you can be part of taking EE6 back to its original glory and beyond. We have a relaxed culture based around enjoying the game as it was intended. We exist in spite of all the efforts to snuff us out. If you feel u have the dedication to be part of something new and fresh please contact myself on discord at wahscorpio109. Or in game at Scorpiox Sparrock.

been with these guys for about a week was able to a head start on that isk grind thanks to thses guys showing me some good sites and helpping when available