Duality Syndicate is Recruiting (Newbro Friendly/Alphas welcome) C4>3/5 WH

Duality Syndicate is Recruiting (Newbro Friendly/Alphas welcome) C4>3/5 WH
If you are interested in learning about wormholes and PvP, we are the place for you. Come fly with us for and we will put you on a path to PvP in High Class W-space and make the ISK to support that playstyle.

Who we are looking for
-Willingness to learn
-Intrest in Wormhole life
-Passion for Improvment
-Ideas of granduer and advancement
-Intentions if understanding the game
-Reslove in the face of loss
-Grace in victory

What we expect from you:
-Working mic (be on Comms, get in fleet) Currently we use Discord
-Full ESI Authorization
-Willing to train into corporation skill plans
-Willing to work toward omega status (subscription or plex)

What we have For you
-Experienced and mature command structure to give the tools you need to survive, thrive and kill in wormhole space.
-Member of an established High Class WH alliance (IT Services/SRP Program/Larger WH Ops)
-Static wormholes connections to both low and high class W-space, many options for making isk and small gang pvp
-Good PI (passive Isk generation)
-Organized Operations (PVE & PVE)
-Oppurtunity to move into C6 once you are comfortable in W-Space

Our Public Discord :Discord

Please contact Dani Ghekon (USTZ) or Crittikal Who (EUTZ) in-game or on Discord at Alyxxa#7799 or Crittikal#9064 for a quick interview!

Come fly and blow stuff up with us today! (Us or them, it doesn’t matter as long as we are having fun)

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