Group of Wormholers is looking for just you!


We are a Group of Wormholers who are still looking for reinforcement.

We have set up a cozy place in the wormhole, where you can nest, if you fit in with us.

We have our own ingamechannel which we use actively, but we are not a corp or alliance, that means you don’t have to join anything.

Ts3 and Discord of course available.

Our main focus is PvE and we live in a C5 with C5 Static.

PvP’ers, miners and industrialists are also welcome.

We try to offer a wide range of content.

If you want to know more you can write me ingame.

Whether beginner or pro, I would be happy about your message.

o7 fly safe
Space Keendary

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Fun guys to fly with.
Also if ur new to wormholing they can give u some nice tips and pointers on what to and how to.
Give em a try
U’ll like it :wink:

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Thank you very much Suspicious :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: #KeepItSuspicious

Exactly what I’m looking for. Messaged you in game :slight_smile:

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PUSH :ghost:

Hi, I am looking something like you, i am tied of the war and want to make some isk.

Still looking for more ppl to have fun with.
If intrested pm space keendary for the details

PUSH :slight_smile:

a free push from a friend =)

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