Capsuleer Outfitters looking for more WH Nutjobs

We are an old corp who has recently reopened and got the band together.

We are a bunch of old salty eve players, most of which who have been around since 2009 or longer, and have done everything there is to do in this game.

We have reopened our old corp and tried our had at Wormholes in order to maintain a casual atmosphere of people who enjoy hanging out and talking ■■■■ to each other, while having the opportunity to jump out of different areas of eve every day and die gloriously in a ball of fire.

We are half EU and half US.

What We Offer:

~C5 Red Giant w/ C4 Static
~Multiple roams based out of Jita a week
~Established market in the WH w/ buyback programs
~Experienced WH players who can teach you the finer points
~Roams and gate camps in different low and null sec regions every day

Looking For:

~People who dont take life to seriously
~Want to PvP and be social
~Dont cause drama unless you are Winston and drunk.
~Have thick skin
~Be self motivated

SP isnt to big of an issue but prefer pilots who can at least fly some basic ship types.


If any of this sounds interesting, hop in our pub chat or yell at me on our discord. Links below.

Public Channel: Evicted Bar & Grill

USTZ Contact: Kell Idanian
EUTZ Contact: Harrkonen Dune

tldr Login. Be social. Be active. Die gloriously.

Still taking mental rejects or normal people who want to become mental rejects.

Still looking for more people to join the family.

Come be terrible at this game with us.

Come give us a shout.

You like ■■■■ post, we like ■■■■ post, +1

Pop in and say hi.

Still recruiting degenerates.

Give us a shout.

Daily bumpage.

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Hello, Kell!
How’s the recruiting going? I’ve been trying to wave the Phantom Ops flag on this message board and saw your post, which is pretty much a mirror image of what we have going on, which is basically farming C3’s and PVP in the nearby connections. How many people you have working with ya? Are you super attached to the hole your living in now? I was considering the possibility of a merger of some sort, but it might be a long shot… Either way, working in an office can get boring as ■■■■, even making chatting on a recruitment board preferable… How’s hole life treating ya?

Hey man, thanks for popping in and saying hi. Life is going good.

One of my real life friends is the alliance leader so we wont be leaving our current situation anytime soon.

That being said we will be trying to get into evicting dead wormholes for people and eventually would like to get into doing some merc work. We will also be doing the usual roaming in low and null sec when available.

If you guys are interested in possibly merging with us or even joining with your corp, I would be open to discussing it with you. We are living in a C5 with a C4 static and are enjoying it.

If you like evicting dead WH’s, you should take a look into the alliance Blood for Bob… We usually get together with a few other corps and pop some stations every couple of weeks! Yeah, I imagine you guys are probably doing A-ok in that c5… Before we moved into our C2 with a static high and static 3, we had a C4 with a static 4 and a static 3… Running the 4’s was good money, if a bit slow without caps.

Well, if you guys get bored, drop by our discord! We have a static high, so if you ever need any help with hole defense, etc, let us know! We’re always eager for a fight!

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Family is slowly growing. Take a chance and join us.

Come join the insanity.

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