Holemonster C4 WH Corp Recruiting PVP Pilots

Holemonster is recruiting and is looking for pilots both new and old. We are a tight-knit community. Pilots from all different backgrounds are welcome. C4 Wormhole with C5 and C3 Statics. Easy ratting for isk and pvp content daily.

What we can offer you:
• Daily Activity
• Organized Fleet PVP
• Wormhole content
• ISK Making Opportunities
• fleet ships
• SRP when ship lost in fleet ops
• A Growing Industrial Wing, Corp mining ships for use.

What we ask of you:
• 10Mil SP
• Participation in hole defense
• Be on discord-Teamspeak when out and about in J space.

Join Discord ( Holemonster) today or Send in Game Mail @xzeyph @Tintin Nimnien

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