New WH Corp LF fresh Blood (pve/pvp)

Korrosiv lives in a c2 hs/c4 wh. We are interested mostly in getting our logistics and funding in order , so that we can have fun with the more aggressive aspects of WH life. We are a pvp corp with industrial roots to help facilitate that. Now that we are setup in our wh (structures and such) we are opening recruitment to fill the hole with aggressive, self contained murderers. This is where you come in.

We are not interested in instant gratification based gameplay, but in building something and expanding on it until we are a force to be reckoned with. Towards that end we need pilots who are motivated to :
1- Get better at pvp (solo/gang)
2- Maximize their iskmaking capabilities
3- Fleet Up to murder interlopers and for random WH shenanigans
4- Experience WH life with one another on an even setting, roles irrregardless, we are all here for fun… I hope.
5- Expand their understanding of WH and Eve in general towards becoming more successful pilots

We are looking for pilots with:
-decent scanning skills and experience using combat probes + d-scan for finding targets

  • 20+ mil sp (mostly focused into combat ships)
    -Capability to use bombers w/bomb , t3 cruisers (armor variant preferred), t3d tactical destroyers , Stratios
    -Experience in WH or willing to learn in the field (not holding hands here)
    -Activity , we want pilots who are on consistently, RL permitting of coarse (RL first, ALWAYS)
    -Working headset and Mic
    -Experience maintaining a mapper/or willingness to learn and commit to it

We offer:

  • c2 hs/c4 w/astrahus and refineries (fortizar in the works)
  • extensively experienced leadership (going back to 04 mostly 0.0 and wh)
  • training for pilots in WH mechanics and pvp tactics
  • Room to grow , we are looking for pilots with leadership aspirations and/or experience
  • SRP program for corp fleet ops (corp provides fit ships for the fleets its FCs lead)
  • 100% jita buyback for ore/ice/PI
  • non-existant tax

If this seems intriguing to you feel free to reply via eve mail to Iiniku Meiko Ushijima to get an invite to our recruitment channel so we can discuss things further.

Thanks for your time,
Korrosiv Management

we are also in the market for other small WH corps to join our alliance.

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Bumping on Up, alliance is slowly growing from selective recruitment of WH corps. If you are interested feel free to convo Iiniku for more info.

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