WH Group Now Recruiting

(Shkodnik Makarov) #1

We are a recently formed WH corporation currently operating out of a C4.

Experienced leadership with active and motivated corp members.

Ultimately we are an industrial corporation with a PvP probelm. By problem, I mean we have to go to meetings; but, no worry’s, it’s anonymous.

We are looking for active pilots willing to bro down for some fun carebearing and pew pew.

Full API required along with chat interview.

Spies will be jetcanned, good spies will be turned.

Join us for fun and adventure. Active but laid back. Banter at will, we have thick skins.

‘Schwifty Public’ or message Shkodnik Makarov or Shadovin Intrepidus

3Mil SP minimum with scanning experience preferred. US time zones plox.

(Mr Glaser) #2

Hello @Shkodnik_Makarov ,

I admire the C4 adventure you have taken on and I wish you well as WH space recruiting is sometimes rough. WH life can be even tougher so if your venture doesn’t pan out for you and your crew, come see us and maybe we can help. WHSOC

Hope to see ya in space,

(Shkodnik Makarov) #3

Thank you for the offer and I will certainly take it under advisement. I am noticing that many people are indeed apprehensive about wormhole life despite the amazing profits involved in just about every action you take.

(system) #4

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