Looking for WH corp

Just looking for an established WH corp I have done Null, High, and low sec and looking at trying my hand at WH space. I am US-TZ depending on my experience my wife might want to come also. I have a mic so yes I can communicate. Please mail or convo me in game I will be on allot due to this long weekend, or respond to this post I will check it as much as I can.

I’d like to have a chat with you. I am currently on.

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PM in game, the Corp I belong to is a Wormhole Corp with operations in high sec as well as null-cargo and low. We’re always looking for more players interested in wormhole roles, currently C4 based, but expanding soon into c5.

Hope you got that eve mail i sent through yesterday.
Spoken with the corp members who are in the same timezone as you, and they’re looking forward to any guestions you have. If youre interest in talking on discord with us just respond to in game message and we’ll send invite to discord and eve closed general channel.

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