Paradox Shattered - C3 WH Corp Recruiting!

(Glenn Guglia) #1

Hello and welcome, we are a C3/LS WH corporation, who have extensive experience in WH’s from LIving in a C5/C5. we are all veteran players who have been playing for 7years plus!
We like to play Eve for what it is…a GAME!
we like to do a bit of everything from small gang pvp, to Gas Huffing, to sites to PI. But we want to increase our Player base so if you want a corps that you can belong to and not just be number to make up fleets or providing mining resource then we may be the Corp for you! drop us a mail and tell us about yourself

*what we offer
*Growing community in an exciting part of eve
*Ts3 Comms
*Experienced PVP pilots who can help you with the theory of ship fitting and basics of PVP
*Good Planetary Interaction( P3 )

  • 2x citadels

What we want*
Active/Mature player that dont take things too seriously.
Self reliance
Team /community members no solo artist that hate everyone :slight_smile:

Message myself, Ronin Steel, Katy Strike or Liza Lashes in game! Look forward to seeing you!

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