C3 WH corps looking to add new members


(Ronin Steel) #1

Welcome to Paradox Shattered we are a newly formed C3 wh corps with some Vets at the helm!

We are looking for new and old players alike to join us in our new home!
We are laid back and treat eve for what is…a Game .

We’ll look at everyone on case by case. Basis and welcome all TZ ( but we are EU ATM)
We are in an excellent C3 with good PI if that is your thing ,there is plenty of opportunity to get ISK rich with plenty of sites from data,relics,gas sites and anoms.
We have citadels in the hole so your stuff is secure.
However we must point out that first and foremost PVP comes first. You can’t have all the good stuff if your not willing to defend your home. If you don’t have of experience …don’t worry you will get it😄
What we offer

  • Ts3 comms
  • Citadels to live out of Astrahaus and Raituru
  • Rigged Raituru for decent refining
  • Good PI
  • Experienced FC’s
  • Basic srp fund (up to T2 hulls ATM)
    *Decent community with NO bs

What we require

  • Omega account
  • Full api
  • Have a decent mic and be on comms
  • 5mil Sp plus
  • scanning skills (must have for wh’s)
  • No afk bears :slight_smile:

Once we have checked Full api and had a quick chat the remainder of the application is done via TS3 comms

Drop Ronin Steel a mail in game , if you are interested.


(Ronin Steel) #2

back up to the top :point_up_2: , still looking for good dudes :ok_hand::+1:

(Ronin Steel) #3

wee weekend bump, up to the top

(Ronin Steel) #4

couple of decent additions, room for more still come join us :slight_smile:

(Katy Strike) #5

still looking to add a few more peeps :slight_smile:

(Katy Strike) #6

still recruiting guys drop Ronin Steel a mail or myself!!

(Katy Strike) #7

bumpage still taking victims :slight_smile:

(Ronin Steel) #8

few additions keep em coming , still recruiting guys :slight_smile:

(Ronin Steel) #9

bumpage , still at it guys drop me a mail , we dont bite …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Ronin Steel) #10

still looking for mre new peeps :rofl:

(Ronin Steel) #11

still recruiting always looking for more good peeps :slight_smile:

(Ronin Steel) #12

back up still open guys,

(Ronin Steel) #13

bump still recruiting