Shattered Phantasm C5 Corp

We live in a C5/5 wormhole(WH) that can offer:

Friendly atmosphere
Active discord for banter
Mostly UK based, EU TZ ranging from 1700-2300
Skirmishes, home defence and small-mid sized fights
Gas/Ore/PI and Blueloot buyback 90% Jita

What we are looking for:

Active players from all TZs
Working microphone and Discord
Willingness to PVP/Some PVP experience
Ideal to have a support alt ie scanner/roller etc
Able to scan the WH and roll holes for WH security

Interested? Say hello in our Discord channel and have a chat. Shattered Phantasm


Daily bump come chat to start a new adventure today

great bunch doing gods work come join them in the quest for domination

Come chat today we have space for you and come join some thing fun and new even if you have never been to j space.

Great Corp!

Chilled out and great banter.

Come join in the Fun

Bump - Open for recruitment

Free salt with every subscription

Still open for recruitment :slight_smile:

Bumping for action

We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

Come join the fun, chat in our discord

We are an active C4 (C5/C2 Static) wormhole corporation looking to build its fighting power.

Do you have what it takes to live in wormhole space and fight among us?

Our bretheren operate during EUTZ and USTZ in order to seek out and destroy those that oppose us.

We have a chilled approach and put IRL first. Come join the banter, make some isk and pew pew.

We are seeking;

Active players with 15M+ skill points
Have alts or happy to train them for scouts/support
Some PVP experience
Ideally WH experience but not necessary

Discord Recruitment



Closed per request of Op.