SHOW ME THE PEW PEW (22:00-6:00) 25m SP main

I recently started a new job and my play times have shifted a little bit so I’m looking for a low class PVP WH corp that has most of its members in USTZ. I prefer small gang pvp and am looking for a corp where I can get to know the members on a personal basis. I would consider joining a NS corp if that corp is not part of any of the large alliances or leads a semi-nomadic lifestyle with no blues. I do hate local though – why let the enemy know your there?

I have been living in a C4 3/4 mag for the past year and absolutely love the ever shifting maze that is j-space. My main has 25m SP and can fly T3C/logi (Logi V). I have two alpha accounts currently training core skills for when I decide to sub an alt. I have access to a mic and don’t shy away from comms – I believe it is necessary to be able to communicate quickly whilst in wh. My isk generation is self-sufficient but I would be keen to get into fleet PVE for that dankity dank isk.

Things I am looking for in a corp:

Efficient mapping/bookmarking system (must be clear and concise)

Relatively cheap doctrines (I would rather welp 10 T1 BC than one blingy ass T3C)

Encourage members to try new things

Actual hull SRP for logi (An issue I have my current corp is that the doctrine T1 BC costs less then 100mil but the gards cost 400mil. Kinda sucks to be in a skewed fleet comp like that and not get any isk back.)

-or more of a fair fleet comp isk ratio wise. I’ll spend the isk if everyone else is doing the same.

I would say I’m easy going and can get along with most anybody. I’m not one of those hard core pvpers that cares about a green KB but its nice to win sometimes or at least have lots of content. I want to cause lots of havoc and get into some hairy ■■■■ with good folk.

Hit me up here or in game

Ovyx Tilleren

Hey Ovyx, you’d probably be a pretty solid fit for us even though we’re in nullsec. No blue donut, just straight raw PvP in the north.

Currently taking sov by force (burn it all!), plenty of small gang and fun content.

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