Back after a hiatus! Looking for a WH corp w/ small gang PvP opportunities and mentorship

Hi! I have returned to the game after a long hiatus. I’m looking for a corp with PvP and wormhole opportunities, especially small gangs. I’m also looking for an opportunity to gain skills and mentorship so that I can be effective at solo PvP. My in-game goal is to be ganking people in a WH with a cloaky t3.

Currently I am flying:

  • Dominix for L4s
  • Gila for Abyssals
  • Proteus, Loki and Stratios for combat site exploration (mostly in high-sec, but I do some low and WH).
  • Cheetah for hacking and transportation.

Experience and stats:

  • 28m skill points, mostly in Drones and Gunnery. I am working on missile skills so that I can fly a HAM Loki.
  • I’ve done some solo FW but I had a LOT of losses and ended up burning out.

What I have to offer:

  • Good attitude and willingness to learn and to play other roles in ops such as tackle, ecm or logi.
  • Willingness to risk personal assets to defend corporation and allies, within reason.
  • Open to participating in some industry/market operations to support the corp. I have an industry alt that can invent and can run manufacturing jobs.

Other restrictions:

  • I like to play at night time in the US timezone (around 2:30 UTC to 8:00 UTC).
  • Happy to join voice server and listen but will probably not be able to talk much due to personal living situation.

Personal trivia:

  • I play the piano and I drive a 90s Mazda convertible (I also pretend to know how to fix it).
  • Allergic to all children.
  • Favorite TV show is Battlestar Galactica (pretty typical Eve online ■■■■ I can imagine)

Hey what’s goin on man, I live in a C5 magnetar with C5 static with a good group of broskis. We play in USTZ from 00:00 eve time to 05:00 eve time. Lots of pvp and we could use another good broski on the team. Hit me up on discord and lets chat



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