90mil SP returning PVP/PVE Pilot Looking for C5+ wormhole and capital experience

I have done just about everything in eve and after a 5 year coffee break I would like to spend some time checking off the last 2 of interest. First I would like to get some experience with a corp in Wormhole space who does C5’s & 6’s as well as capital use. Own them, never flown them!

I do love me some PVP, however, I’ve not ever been properly trained or introduced to it. Null Sec time ages past was mostly group null transportation practice. Long, dead roams through bubbles and amazingly dry space flights dry firing the guns at literally nothing except comm banter. ( my tz always made it hard to get some good action ya see ). That being said, I will fleet up and throw whatevers at whomevers I just need someone to send an invite and be willing to give me some more/good practice. 8:00p -12:00a PST is my only real available time.

Me Familia tends to be asleep or winding down at that time making verbal interaction on comms, well, **crickets. RL is restricting to say the least so I need a group willing to work with the unpredictable online time in general. I can fly almost everything < supers. I can fly it but can’t however fit anything requiring artty’s. I am looking for 4-6 months ( or more,roughly ) before moving on to the next activity.

I appreciate the consideration.

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