Looking for Corp Wormhole PvE/PvP - (UTC-3/US EST timezone)


I just went back to Eve Online and came back to playing with my friends on the high sec war dec game.

It got old really fast for me, I used to do small gang PvP in Syndicate some 4 years ago and the high sec game just didnt cut it for me.

I love Eve and have a pilot with 70M SP purely PvP focused.

I usually play between 6pm UTC-3 to 00:00 UTC-3 and I am looking to have a shift in my game.

I’ve done plenty of PvP, but I have no experience with PvE/Industry (I have a trading alt to generate income, but I am far from being a good trader and space rich).

I am looking for an active wormhole corp with a tight knit player group which can teach me the ins and outs of WH and exploration, generating tons of isk and doing some occasional PvP fleet for the lulz.

The group shall be receptive of new people and active on my timezone because I will require guidance on the begining.

I fly almost everything subcap except for precursor. I cannot fly capitals yet, however it wouldn’t be a really really large training by eve standards. My probing skills sucks, but I would do some injection if I find a corp that is a good fit for me.

I don’t need any kind of SRP program, however it is welcome if it is offered.

Look forward to hear your suggestions/corp proposals

Hello Kune.

I represent Critical Mass Incorporated. We are a wormhole based Corp with ties to hi sec. Pvp is obviously a fair sized part of wormhole life but we are shifting much of our focus to mining and industry.

We are currently looking for players like you who have a desire for knowledge. We would love to be the ones you choose to guide you.

I’m currently in the road but can talk to you through discord: https://discord.gg/62BHM2

Hope to hear from you!

Hi, think it terms of what kind of group you are looking for we might be of intrest.
Community, pvp, possibility of owning your own C5, but we are pvp first. pve after.

Here is a little about our group. Including our forum post.
Down below is some info about us.
If u want to come on comms and have a bit for detailed chat you are welcome to,
can also get my discord etc trough my ingame mail.

The Dark Space Initiative

  • C5 C5 PVP Corp.
  • US/EU TZ Strong. With growing AU.
  • One of the oldest and proudest.
  • Come join a corp that takes pride in having a chill atmosphere and every chance to blow ■■■■ up. (Community)

Hope to hear from you.
Furu Bonehead
TDSIN Recruitment Team

Hey o7

WH space can be super exciting and filled with adrenaline. If you are looking for some fun talk to @BearThatCares. He leads the corp Krypted Gaming. He’s really awesome at what he does and runs an exciting ship. He has an ad on the forums i just can’t find it. He’ll probably link it in response to this post.


Cheers Kune,

just applied =) @furu_bonehead

Thats fuckin awesome. Check out ‘‘TDSIN Recruitment’’ channel ingame.
We have alot of intrest so beware can take a few days before app is done.
Just make sure u applied with all and any toons u had or it will be denied :slight_smile:


argh forgot to add my mules and buyer, only put the toons I actually fly with. Is there a way to change it? I am on your in game channel, but unfortunatelly no recruiters atm

No way to change current app, can reapply with characters then add all others.
Figured u just added ones u used, just write in Q&A Answers that they are alts.
Make sure to tell recruiters if they are online we pop on and off in the channel :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hopefully speak with you soon.


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