11mln SP player looks for a corp

Hello guys
I am looking for a wormhole corp (I have been playing in one once) that has a real life first mentality and some nice place. My points are scattered around, but I have proper Exploration skills (I can fly T2 exploration frigs). EU timezone

Check out Signal Cartel.

Hey Ajron,

I think that I may have the place for you

We are a mix if primariy USTZ and EUTZ players. We offer a welcoming and friendly environment and we have plenty of oppourtunities for you to utilise your exploration skills.

We understand that real life comes first and have no mandatory CTAs.

We are based in Wh SPace and It would be great to connect with you for a quick chat to see if we would be a good fit for you.

Here is a link to our post Wolves in the Webway - C4 Wormhole Corp - Recruiting Now!

Hope to hear from you and fly dangerous o7

Hey Ajron,

Check us out, we might of interest to you.

Hey Mate, Check us out

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