[UK/EU/US] Blood Blind - C2 New Player Friendly

Short and simple - looking for EU pilots (16:00-00:00 EVE Time)

We’re a small gang PVP group that has lived out a C3 → NS for some time and whilst we’re OK making money elsewhere and going fighting, we think it’s time to start giving back. Many of our core members have played the game for over ten years and have a lot of experience to offer.

We have moved into a more suitable wormhole to grow a corp, namely a C2 → C3/HS.

With the improved access to the wormhole, easier ratting, and some infrastructure we’re the perfect place for you to come and learn wormhole space. But be warned, PVP is essential, wormhole space is a dog-eat-dog world!


  • Small and medium-size PVP fleets
  • Access to wormhole ratting anomalies
  • Moon mining & reactions
  • Access to all areas of space thanks to wormholes
  • Opportunity to learn PVP and join us on our quest for small gang glory!


  • Omega Status
  • PVP comes first - you can’t krab if we’re being attacked right?
  • Can speak English and use voice comms
  • Your life comes before EVE

Discord: Blood Blind
In-Game Channel: Blind AF

Bump, still looking for pilots.

We’re also throwing in some additional incentives in the form of isk for your kills and the top scanner each month also gets paid.

Bump, still looking for individuals to join us.

WH space offers regular fights, regular income and a place for each pilot to contribute on an individual level. The blobs are smaller and fights are more fun!

Daily bump - it seems the EU player base is hard to come by nowadays!

Any EU wormholers out there want to play?
Any EU pilots want to experience WH for the first time?

Let’s do this together! It’s early days but we’re experienced and ready to grow a thing \o/


Bump. Should complete the move from our old wormhole today and then we can move full steam ahead! choo choo!

Bump. Had to take a bit of a break there because life happens sometimes, but back to making WH space a bit more approachable.

Bump, still looking for pilots.

To give some kind of update and not just a ■■■■ “bump” message - I’m currently working through various skill plans for newer pilots. Let’s get folk out there doing things.

I need some EU pilots to join me, we’ve had a few US pilots join lately and now I’m feeling a bit lonely in that EU timezone. Of course, all are welcome!

Wormholes need not be terrifying

Bumping, had a few people join us over the last couple days. Always looking for me o/

Daily bump for those early rising Euro’s slacking from work.



Still on the look out for more pilots. Slowly increasing in activity and building a commuity and would love to welcome you too it!

Bumping for the day \o/

Anyone want to pew pew this evening? Let’s get together, play some EVE and grow this little community :+1:

Bumping for Euros. I dare say its sunnier in our wormhole than it is int he UK right now - damn storm >_<

Hello i am in a WH corp now its with nice people, although that its too small group with most players being altcharacters not mains, something i am not really happy about is this multiboxing in a hole, and solo artist mixed interests where i am now.
Really the Hi-sec mentality there its not what i like.
I like to be social too hang out talk social on coms, do things as a group, etc.
Am from EU time zone.
How large is your corp and is this a main character only or also alts roaming uncontrolled around???
I like to do Exploration, Pve. Am not so good at PvP maybe thats why i do not do it often ( i believe in a good fair fight, not the HS ganker nonsense ), i anyway get no kill mails for some reason recently???
Just want to know more and maybe have a conversation with you, because where i am now i am only loosing stuff and feeling alone most of the time.
Thinking of leaving there, but don’t want to be in HS corp.


Thanks for reaching out!

In the interest of being of honest, we do use alts but you are in no way required too and I share much of the same sentiment as you. We all signed up to play and MMO and over the years it feels like we play less of an MMO and more of a online single player game as everyone is too darn focused on isk per hour and multi-boxing. It’s not something that I would prevent i.e. we are not a main accounts only corp, but it’s also not something that I promote - I much prefer to play with people. It’s more fun and its easier. We do encourage people to bring all their alts to the wormhole though - I’m not a fan of oh I have a wormhole account and and I have my nullsec miners and I got a faction warfare guy. Just play the WH game, it gives access too all the space and all the contents.

Mulit-boxing PVP to make up the numbers defecit can be fun but leads to disasters too!

That being said, we are still a relatively small group having just started on our corp journey. We’re 8 people and slowly growing.

We hang out on comms, some of us are there all day ever day due to our jobs allowing us to work from home.

With regards to exploration and PVE, that’s fine. I would encourage you to come explore and PVE at your leisure and just dip you toes into the PVP side of things when you can. We’ve been around the block a few times over the years and I’m happy to teach/introduce things to people.

Typically, PVE content is done solo but it’s not so bad when your on comms with people. The C3 static doesn’t prove difficult enough to warrant a group. That being said, we do occaisonally do abyssal filaments in frigates as a group.

Our primary “get together as a group and do things” content would be PVP focused; we either rolled into something to kill, someone is being attacked, we’re actively looking for fights or we decide to attend some lowsec battles that the alliance has gotten involved in.

All that being said, I’m trying to create a corp where people play a game and I’d be happy to have a further conversation with you on Discord! Just hop in and give me a shout when you are free.

Bump to correct timezone ;o