Blackout made me do it. 77m SP returning player looking for a home

As the title says, I’m returning to the game and looking for a corp to fly with.

Looking for a group of chilled people who fly small gang pvp, preferably in WH space or a nomadic null group. Not looking for a corp huge null bloc, being a faceless F1 pusher just doesn’t appeal to me.

As I’ve already said to one recruiter today; we all know that EvEs gameplay is ok at best and that its the people you fly with that actually keep you playing, so where i live and the kind of content I participate in is secondary to the people I fly with (so long as i get to blow ■■■■ up). So a small close knit group is what I’m after.

About me:

Spent most of my EvE career in WH space in pvp corps, been out the game since the end of last year. Done a bit of null and a bit of low sec.

Late EU/early US Timezone. I live in the UK but i tend to log on a little later than most UK base folks (20.00-00.00 eve time). I do have a family and a job so a life come first corp is essential.

77m SP main with 50m SP alt.

Main flies most sub caps and with some cap skills (dread)
Alt is my scout and logi pilot (logi V).

Eve mail me or PM if interested.

Sounds like you’d be a good fit for us.

Late EU/early US is our prime, 20:00-02:00. Lots of UK and East Coast.

Tons of content. Been flying together for years with a heavy PvP focus. We meet up IRL several times per year in the US, and once or twice in the EU (EVE London, other bars).

Bokbok @Aladar_Dangerface,

You should join us on discord sometime to chat about Fweddit,

Fweddit is a member of the Free Range Chikuns alliance which is an independent poultry-loving group that specializes in blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights. We operate mostly during the US and Late EU time zones. We’re looking for pilots to join and come blow up other people’s ships with us.

Join us in our discord so we can chat. Feel free to ping me (@Attack Penguin#0001) in Discord when you join if you want to chat. If I’m not around when you join you can ping any of the other recruiters by typing @Human Resources.

If you want to read more about Fweddit you can check out our ad on the EVE forums at Join Fweddit - Become a Space Chikun! [USTZ].

Hope to speak with you soon!



Hi there dude,

We are a corp with a mix of EU/US and an 18-00 prime time.
We currently have plenty of content and loads of fun.

For more info consider checking out:



The alliance of Forsaken Empire is looking to bolster our ranks with our main corp being The Envoys.

The Envoys are a PvP focused corp located in null-sec

We mostly do small Gang fleets but we would love to grow into medium size Fleets. Our little family has formed of Veterans and newer players alike and we can teach you everything you Can or Want to know in and around New Eden. We are mainly USTZ but have a few friends from EUTZ or AUTZ. Right now we are holding a great pocket with lots of potential for isk making, lots of moons and a good amount of systems to rat.

What we do :

  • Currently, we are holding down a small pocket in Vale and looking to possibly make it our permanent home
  • We do lots of kitchen sink roaming and at times full small fleet roams mainly including lokis, nightmares and such
  • Constantly improve and become better at the game and be able to fight larger groups by out-piloting them
  • We teach those that are newer to the game and will help you fly, make isk, and become comfortable with the game

What we’re looking for:

  • Being active right now is the most important thing
  • We need people that can be semi dependant as well and help us with defending structures and entosis timers
  • Preferably have around 40+ million SP to fly what’s needed
  • Renters for our systems if you would like. If you decide to rent we have moons and great ratting available.
  • Another very important thing is that we want people to join who actually enjoy the game. Having fun is the only way you’re going to want to improve and play more, and we would love to make that happen!

We are very open to new players and teaching the right dedicated person as long as you are willing to commit. We are just expecting to grow and be able to push forward into other systems and take control of our constellation! If interested reply on here or PM my discord it’s Jeevz#0335

Unholy Knights of Cthulhu is a moderately sized PVP corporation looking to expand! We are a corporation within TEST Alliance and call the region of Esoteria home. Here, we can offer you access to a vast amount of PVP content and access to any PVE content you want in null-sec…

What we offer you:

  • Safe Havens for PvE

  • EUTZ and USTZ coverage (corp) and alliance nearly 23/7

  • Working Space Logistics

  • Buy programs of all Kinds Loot, Ore & Salvage!

  • Want to use Titans? Supers? Dreads? Carriers? TEST uses them constantly!

  • Like Blops? Have a blops BS that you want to drop?

  • Industrial Support, if your into that sorta’ thing.

What we require from you:

  • 5mil SP minimum

  • Willingness to PVP and make ISK

  • Activity in corp and alliance matters

  • Socialize with your fellow space nerds!

  • A working microphone is mandatory

  • FULL ESI keys provided for ALL your accounts and characters via the TEST auth system

If you are interested in joining us, please have a chat with us in our ingame channel, and join us on our discord server, Unholy Knights Of Cthulhu

Still searching

Pvp every day in small and medium size fleets where every pilot counts. Get paid for pvp. Build in the best indy structures New Eden has to offer. Make ISK, get rich, get kills, FIGHT GOONS, have FUN! Talk to us on our Running with Wolves [.PACK] discord:

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