46.5m SP pilot looking for WH corp

Looking for a EU/UK WH corp that would take someone slightly experienced with WH life.

What I can offer:

  • 46.5m SP
  • Spec’d into core PvE/PvP skills (fitting, drones, shield/armor tank, nav, gunnery, missiles, rigging)
  • Ships have experience with: Vindicator, Proteus, Orca, Ishtar, Iteron, Obelisk
  • Some solo PvP experience
  • Some WH experience
  • Current assets: Vindicator, Ishtar, Iteron, Worm, Ares and 400m isk

What I want

  • Mentoring
  • Way to make decent isk
  • Some PvP
  • Chilled corp mates
  • Not too hardcore (i.e. not mandating login times as I have a family)
  • EU/UK timezone

I need the USTZ version of you in my Corp lol. Best of luck man

Are you all US?

All the actives are. We have so.e UK friends but they have had other commitments as of late and have not been on.

Check out Krypted Gaming they’re in WH space and super duper active in EU and US tz. Check out their killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98479678/

Both of you guys might like FARCY. It’s a fairly new wh corp in a c4 with a static c3/c5. Despite being only about 4 months old now we have a solid US and EU timezone, we even have our first two AU players so slowly we are covering all timezones ;D
Very chill group I’ve been having loads of fun there since I joined and plenty of vets in the group that provide advice to the lower SP guys (like me!)
If you want some more info or to say hello pop onto our discord https://discord.gg/vF5bAJJ

Hey bud, we’ve got what you need!

  • Veterans to teach you the ins and outs (mostly 100-200m SP guys)
  • More PvP than you’ll ever be able to handle
  • All mature adults with lives
  • Healthy UK timezone, most our EU is UK

Also- thanks @Millineon_Silvership

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