31m sp pvp + 8m sp mining and indy char looking for C4 corp

looking for pve and pvp content. would like some form of corp buyback with ore,gas,loot ect

pvp char proficient in HIC, HAC, Tengu, logi, bombers and orca booster for mining (currently working on better command skills)

ive been on a break for a few years and want to get back in to WH. used to live in a C4 but i could use some refresher courses.

PS, im in PST time zone but work my own hours so…

Hey bud, if you’re active between 5-9ish PST, check us out! Need someone to build us ships to lose :slight_smile:

Hey Stratagema, Outfit 418 is a UK/EU based wormhole corp. We’re run social, easy-going ratting fleets in our static C5 & C4 statics. You don’t need to be experienced, as there are plenty of pilots to show you the ropes. We’ve got a good industrial setup so you’re good for mining and PI etc. Check out our forum advert and pop in to our public channel (-418-) to have a chat

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