175mil sp PvP player

Wondering whats out there for someone like myself. (eutz)
no blob stuff please… and im not keen on cta’s whether you name them cta, beta or alpha…

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Hey @Lugburz

I recognize you from SOB! If you’re interested in staying around the Placid/Syndicate area we here at Filthy Peasants will gladly take you in.

I’m sure you know quite a bit about us already but we’re a fairly casual easy going group that tries its best to get good fights. While we do have occasional CTAs (can they be called CTAs when we don’t enforce participate?) we’re mostly a roaming, gate camping, and blops group with very few blues.

While we’re definitely strongest in the US TZ I’d say we always get the best content in the EU TZ (I play both). If you’re interested check out our forum post below and join our public channel Open Filth in game.


Hey, The Dark Vanguard, EUTZ PVP (null sec) corp & part of Triumvirate. You probably know TRI, aggressive PVP and focus on strategic content. Genreally “larger” fleets so not sure if you’d call that a blob…
Discord if you want to chat: https://discord.gg/cj5eKjE

Small gang, tons of content, no ■■■■■■■■.

Come look at us maybe?
Running With Wolves [.PACK] Triumvirate. [TRI]

What We Offer:
-PvP Mindset
-Daily PvP Content
-Capital Use/Escalations
-Endless ISK Printing [Mining/Ratting]
-Alliance Wide SRP

-1st account Sub-Caps [Loki/Nightmare/HAC’s]
-2nd account [Sabre/Boosher/FAX/Dread/] *More the better
-ESI Check on ALL accounts

zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98569969/
Want to join or find out more information. Jump on our discord http://discord.gg/Gk79xWU

No blobs, just fun laughs and small gang warfare.


I fly with a small active wh pvp corp,“Wrong Hole She Said”, that is looking to grow., mostly eu based pilots. Our main corp activities are hunting wh space for kills. and bashing citadels for fun and profit. We have no mandatory ops or fleets, but we are near daily players looking for other active players to join our ranks. Feel free to check out our killboards, or drop by our pub chan, I dont have a fancy recruitment add cuz I’m lazy.

Hey dude check us out if you like what you see join our public or mail myself and lets talk o7

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