43m SP North America, mainly cloaky pirate looking for a corp

Hello, I am an old returning player. I used to be in a corp, where we would blops, low sec roams, suicide ganking, gate camping and wardecs. So, that’s a corp I am looking for. Don’t want to be tied down to a NULL or WH. Looking for a good active corp probably based out of Hi sec which does these things.


Hey @Kurtlumak

Our corp, Filthy Peasants, may be exactly what you are looking for. We do all of the things you mention on a daily basis.

Filthy Peasants is a US TZ lowsec/npc 0.0 pvp corp that lives in the Solitude region. We’re all players who enjoy pvp and are constantly on the look out for the next good fight. Our ops are mainly lowsec/0.0 roams, blops hunting, capital drops, and occasional structure bash/defense ops. We sometimes also are involved in highsec wars when there is a good target available or we’re being paid by a third party such as our current war.

Our culture is very casual with a relaxed atmosphere and no expectations other than to pvp when available. We have established leadership and great FCs that work hard to provide us content. We also have a variety of ISK making opportunities available such as exploration, missions, ratting, and moon mining if your low on money.

If you like what I had to say come join our public channel Open Filth to speak with us!

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Just use Spectre Fleet for this sort of NPSI content… same with Bombers Bar.

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