Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is Recruiting


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We are a pirate corp based in lowsec. We are looking for PvP pilots, preferably active, but we don’t enforce any participation rules, your time is your own. Our ideal pilot is one that wants to undock & engage in PvP, be it solo or in a gang.

We’re an established group with active leadership and great FCs who work hard to provide content. We are also the leaders of our alliance Intergalactic Space Hobos. We are looking for both pilots and corps that are interested in casual lowsec and 0.0 pvp.

Who we are:
-Friendly group of pirates who like to have fun
-PvP enthusiasts
-RL-first always culture

What we offer:
-TS3 comms
-Discord fleet pings
-Friendly and Open atmosphere
-Established Industry and plentiful PvE opportunities

Who we’re looking for:
-10mil sp minimum (with exceptions - come talk to us and we’ll work with you!)
-Willingness to undock and fight (no cowards allowed)
-Activity, rl comes first, but if online, being active is awesome
-Ability to be on comms
-Ability or willingness to train into doctrine ships

If interested:
Join our public chat channel: Open Filth


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(Arctanis) #2

We had a fantastic capital battle in Syndicate against our regular enemies Conifers:

We got some video from our friends in IRON of the fight here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTzu6kUCJHw&

Come join the fun with us! Join Open Filth today to have a chat.

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Still recruiting!

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Round two in the Syndicate thunderdome didn’t work out as well for us:

You win some you lose some.

Come join Open Filth today!

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We are now offering free shoes to anyone who enlists today!

(Arctanis) #6

Some nice fights going on in Solitude today:

Still recruiting! Join Open Filth today!

(Arctanis) #7

Orca pod was the victim of a whaling fleet:

Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

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Still Recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

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Another dread brawl win for the good guys:

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Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #17

Come join us in Solitude, its a pretty unique place to live!

All peasants that join the commune today get a free, slightly used, pair of shoes!

(Arctanis) #18

Still recruiting weird people who want to come live in lowsec!

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Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!