Im looking for a pirate/pvp low sec corp

Well it seems the corp im in is slowly dying (not really slowly either if im honest, it happend rather sudden).
So, I deside to come on here and check the market so to speak.
Right, a little about me then, Im a long time veteran of this game, having played for 14 years now.
Im Euro tz, and can usually only play after 19:00 eve time simply due to kids taking up a lot of my life.
Can fly anything pvp oriented smaller then a titan (havent bothered to plug in the skill), have an alt that can fly caps as well (260m sp and 130m sp or so, cant remember exactly as I havent checked in a while what I have). Got a working mic and all that stuff.

What im looking for.
Low sec corp (yes, im not doing the sov warfare, at all)
Active in euro tz
Fun people that dont take this game to seriously
People that likes small gangs (2-10 men prefered, but I will join cap fights if they happen)
Truth is I dont really know which corps are active in low sec these days, and I dont have any prefered low sec corps to join, hence im open to any corp as long as I think it sounds like the right one for me.

Leave a message here or mail me if I sound like a fit for you and your corp.



Hi there

We aren’t technically what you’re after, we do live in null sec, we do own our space, how ever we rarely fight for it. We are part of alliance and coalition so we do have the bigger badass fights but as a Corp we can be out in 5-10 man fleets or if with alliance little bigger.
Any way, the whole never say never blog is what il say. We are uk based, were a good tight-knit Corp, good ceo, great fc’s
So if you think meh why not come say hi and go from there


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Hey mate, not technically pirates but we check every other box on your list.

We’re a very social corporation, always have dudes on comms and ready to pew during eutz, love doing small/medium gang stuff aswell as occasional bigger fleets (this is usually only 20-30 anyway).

Come chat with us ingame: ‘MOTCC Public’
or mail ‘Gian Bal’

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And up we go, still looking

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Im hoping there still are some small corps left in the game, cause if not then its not much worth playing anymore.

Hey @ArmyOfMe

I think our corp Filthy Peasants may be a good fit for you.

While we are mostly active in the US TZ our activity begins at around 19:00 until around 04:00 eve time on weekdays and with all day activity on weekends. I promise you there is always people around its only the amount of people that fluctuate throughout the day. At the time of this post (18:43) we currently have 6 actual people online and active that peaks to around 20 around 02:00 which is our prime time.

With the TZ issue addressed we’re a lowsec pirate corp that lives in the Solitude region. Our main hunting areas are NPC 0.0 and the lowsec regions that surround us as well as anywhere a WH will take us that day. We also work with some other lowsec groups to participate in larger scale fights over structures or supers when they happen.

Our main fleet comps are subcap gatecamp/roams, blops/capital hunting, and the ocassional structure bash/defense. We have a wide array of PvE opportunities available as well so with some effort isk is never an issue.

We’re a RL-first corp with a casual culture. We’ve all played this game for many years and we welcome anyone that wants to pvp and enjoy the game. While we’re competitive we only light heartily ■■■■ talk each other over losses/mistakes as we’ve been around long enough to see everything and make those dumb mistakes ourselves.

I’d love to have a conversation with in game if you’re interested. Feel free to join our public channel Open Filth and check out our links below to see what we’re all about.

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