Looking for some Lowsec PVP



Lowsec, null would take some convincing.

A bit about me. I have been playing eve for a little while now. I have never considered myself good by any stretch of the imagination. I enjoy the teamwork and achieving a goal together. I started out in lowsec, went null and was hitting F1 a lot and quit the game because what’s the point? Came back and was running a blops gang for the alliance I was in but that fizzled out as the alliance was absorbed and people lost motivation to resub.

Comming back, i’m making rookie mistakes and trying to do to much at once. I need to humble myself again and start over.

I fly logi, links, recon, dictors and all that other unorthodox stuff. I have no problems camping constellations with cloaky alts or spending the day hunting a region.

I have different accounts for dread, fax, titan and super. 3 blops accounts with sin/panther/marshal. All accounts run cyno5 and jdc5.

I’m not looking to be a number or lost in the sea of people. IDGAF about your hidden racists meme channels on discord, I’m just not one of those people. I prefer a group that dont need this kind of online approval or acknowledgement.

Send an ingame mail, we can chat there. No I wont “hop on discord”.

Any questions I have are questions related to finding the right place, don’t take them personal.

Just saw your reddit post and posted there, though for the sake of it I’ll post our corp here too :slight_smile:

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