Looking for PVP corp in WH/Low sec that can help me learn to PVP

Looking for a PVP centred corp that primarily does small gang warfare in EUTZ that either lives in WH space or possibly low sec. Not looking for nullsec alliance corps.

My main has near 100 million SP and is exclusively specced to subcap PVP. My experience in PVP, however, is minimal other than F1 fleets a number of years ago.

So hopefully there is a corporation that can help me learn the basics and give feedback on what I should be doing rather than making me throw 60 million ships down the toilet without knowing what went wrong. I’d really like to know the ins and outs of PVP and understand correct decision making based on the situation.

I am on most evenings 1600 - 2200 GMT+1. After that I need to leave because I start work very early.

Hey there,

You sound like a perfect fit for Krypted Gaming.

We have both EUTZ and USTZ.

In EUTZ we roam 3-5 times a week around null sec flying small gang of roughly 6-8 people.

We fly from around 1930-2200 most days and either run from thera or yeet ourselves somewhere

If you are interested come hop in our discord and you can join a few roams to see how you like it.

Fly safe

Come to null my corp will take you under its wing

yo m8, well EUs here and perfect gaming time match… were about 25 active all the time, more on fleets etc, voer all aspecta of the game, have proper training for pvp and pew,pew pirates… putting some blinking lights on the ships… have a look, good fun and immersive “role”…

I wont write a massive wall of text.

We are a group of UK pvp’ers primarily in Null-sec but will go low-sec if there is content to be had.

Check our killboard and grab me ingame :slight_smile:



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