[MOTCC] Maidens Of The Chalice - Veteran Lowsec Group - EUTZ


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What we can offer

  • Live in one of the highest activity areas in New Eden

  • Fly with true veterans of FW with our alliance, Local Is Primary

  • Lead by FC’s with years of experience, and extensive knowledge of how to win engagements

  • Multiple staging points throughout the warzone to base from and utilise

  • Regular fleet fights/Capital usage - We tend to have at least 2-3 formups a week for citadel based fights

  • Abundance of small-medium gang content

  • Be part of something bigger than yourself

What we require from you

  • Positive attitude towards helping to build up and improve the corporation as an active, social member

  • Work well as a team player, and have a good attitude towards alliance

  • 20Million SP, aswell as being willing to train doctrines if unable to already fly

  • Be willing to start training a Capital alt (Dreadnought preferred), ofc already having a capital alt is a massive bonus

  • Experience with being a good fleet member, that means following orders, thinking for yourself and taking the initiative, being able to keep up with everyone and applying yourself.

  • Being active on comms where possible, having a good sense of humour and be a reliable, trustworthy part of the corp.

About Us

We’re a veteran, old-school lowsec group operating in FW. We’ve been active in the region for years and have always been at the top of our game, especially within the Amarr Militia. After a hiatus of a few months and alot more available free-time, we have began to reform. Wiping the slate clean and starting fresh, and we want you to come along for the ride.

We have a long, rich history of intense fighting, constant conflict within the area of operations and pushing our pilots to be the best they possibly can. Whilst we are in FW, as a corp we choose to focus on higher end PVP, pursuing engagements on mid-larger scales and focusing more strategic objectives, using the frig/dessie pew of FW as content on the side.

We’ve always strived to focus on the quality of pilots opposed to having a large quantity of them, and it has served us well since the beginning. We want dedicated, active players with a good amount of experience in both small gang and fleet settings, who can work well with corpmates aswell as being able to have a laugh and be interesting to chat with.

Some relics of the past…

Here lies some of our quintessential classics, if you will, of the eras that have past, and as inspiration for the success that lays ahead of us.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in joining, feel free to contact Gian Bal via mail or convo. Also feel free to join our public/recruitment chat, aswell as our discord!

Public Chat: MOTCC Public
Discord: https://discord.gg/ECKR3N

Fly safe o7

Oh, since you’ve read all this so far, heres an extra little bit of pew :wink:

Recruiting still!

Recruiting Still!

Recruiting still!

Recruiting still!

Recruiting still!

Recruiting Still!

Recruiting still!

Recruiting still!

Good group, long term members of amarr and good to fly with.

Recruiting still!

Recruiting still!

Recruiting still!

Recruiting Still!

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