Returning Player LF mid sized WH corp

Returning player ~45 mil SP, a mostly competent player who sometimes flys drunk. Good PI skills, decent T2 ships, and T3.

Love blowing stuff up, down for all corp activities PVP, PVE, money-making.

USTZ (East Coast)

Hey there, you might want to take a look into Krypted Gaming. We live in WH space and focus on micro and small gang pvp, your skillpoints are a bit low compared to corp average but depending on what you can fly you might just be a good fit with us.

If you’re interested feel free to ask some questions in our Discord or shoot myself or one of the recruiters a DM.

Welcome back to Eve

You may find Critical Horizon interesting. We’re a relatively new (not inexperienced) USTZ C4 WH corp looking for people we enjoy being around to come pew things with us. Take 5 minutes and hop into our Discord and let’s have a chat.

Hope to see you around


Hey if you decide you dont mind living out of a wormhole have a look at joining Bounty Contracting. We live in lowsec but occasionally take trips into WHs for content and such. Hop into our Discord if you decide ya wanna have a chat

It is really us, Is actively recruiting in the USTZ, we have fun and have everything from 2-3 man roams to mid sized fleet warfare. Team speak and a loose content driven culture make for a lot of fun, plus full SRP on doctrine ships. Swing by our discord: IIRU Discord or browse our killboard to get an idea of what to expect: IIRU Zkill

Hey dude, We are focused more on small gang pvp based out of our C5 wormhole. I know you said medium gang… but what’s the difference. we kill stuff, sometimes it kills us. either way, if you want to talk ping me on discord. have a good one.

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