122 Mil SP toon look for new challenge (US timezone)

I’m looking for a relax placed to enjoy the game. Most of my skills are combat anything from Capital-Sub caps (Triglavian currently being trained) but I can also rorq mine if needed and build capitals.
I’m looking a WH Corp or WH alliance
For WH Corp has to be active members in it, not just 3 people with 4 accounts. Fun relaxed group that enjoys people and not care about KB’s to the point that you rage so much your testicles/ovaries explode with toxicity.

What I need in a corp
Active members but in game and on comms.
People that understand real life comes first.
A group that loves to hunt and test out new ships
And lastly WH life is still something im learning so long as your ok with that and the odd question then that’s it.

Please don’t post with offers of Null or Low sec.

Can respond in game/discord/or reply here.


either look at pureblind or Scalding pass those are essentially your two options

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And Scalding Pass is being taken over by Legacy so even then really you only have Pure Blind.

Read my corp description, if you like PM me or CEO for invite into channel.

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Yeah dropping on bots with some of the pure blind alliances would be fun

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I think you may find Critical Horizon interesting. We’re a newly formed USTZ C4 Red Giant -> C3/C4 PVP-focused wormhole corporation. Our leadership are WH veterans and we’re looking for fun, competent pilots to fly with. You may find us too small right at this moment, but we just formally opened recruitment less than a week ago and are growing at a rate fast enough to obtain and maintain positive forward momentum, but slow enough so our pilots have a chance to gel with eachother.

Our recruitment thread is: [Critical Horizon] [C4 Red Giant] - Recruitment is Open if you’d like to read more. If you just want to stop by our Discord for a chat as well, we could probably point you in the right direction in WH space if it seems we aren’t a good match.

Hope to hear from you

Fly Dangerous

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Appreciate the interest Taylon but for a WH corp i’d prefer a group that’s more established first with more members. Cheers for the reply though.

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Had a look and its not what I’m going for right now thanks anyway.

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Totally understandable - hope you find what you’re looking for.

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Still looking

Check us out, we are part of Legacy which I know you mentioned not being interested in. But those are only few pings here and there and majority is just social fleets with 30-40 people in them. If you are looking to FC we could use one in-corp and do internal roams and fights.

Let me know!

bump still looking

Hey mate,

It’s honestly looking like we have exactly what you want. Primarily USTZ and pushing in against the botter menace from the northern front in Scalding. Don’t have a lot of large fleet stuff, more small gang and sov warfare stuff. And I could certainly do with another FC.

Forum post is here:
Killboard is here:

Hope to hear from you! o7

Hello Will Motsu,

I believe we may be the group for you. The Random Tangent R-TAN is a member of a brand new alliance called Aurora Tandem Federation -ATF-. we are currently members of WinterCo. and enjoy ratting and mining space. There are fleet fights every night and our group is really active in coalition fights. If you have any questions message me in game. hope to see you in Space.

Prisoner No14

Daily Bump Still looking.

best ustz corp in game
we have tall CEO
0.0 pvp, good isk making also
looking for ppl who are breathing
2300-0600 eve time play time
Mail me in-game or dm on discord at Jason K’Night#5456
To app goto our forums

hey man, Sub Inc. Is a USTZ C5 wormhole corporation. We like to focus on small gang pvp. We would like to talk with you. Join discord now and say hello.

We currently are small but growing. How large of a group would meet your requirements?

Honestly not to sure, like I stated I don’t have the most experience so at least a core group of about 8 individuals. I don’t want to join a group that can fend for itself.

Why don’t you add me on discord if you would like to chat now Valiantiam#1082 otherwise, I’ll message you in-game as well. We can chat about my wormhole corp I run and see if we would be a good fit for each other or not. If not, no harm no foul.

Also here is our recruitment post: [SLRMK] [USTZ] [WH] [18+ Only] Recruiting for Solarmark