63M+ SP Pilot looking to try out wh space

Hi There

I’m looking to join a wormhole group as I have gotten bored nulsec gameplay and being part of huge nulsec blocks. Looking for something more engaging.

I don’t have much experience in wormholes other than the occasional day trips so a chilled casual group that can show me the ropes when it comes to living in wh space would be preferable.

I have a good stockpile of isk so I am not looking to do PVE initially but would like to get into something like ratting with dreds later down the line. Otherwise I am just looking for something to reignite my passion for EVE.

I am based in EU TZ.

Notable Skills

  • Perfect super carrier pilot (is this even used in wh?)
  • Can fly dreds
  • Perfect scanning skills
  • I can fly all t1 ships up to battleship
  • Gallente Battlleship V
  • Caldari Cruiser V + Heavy Assault Cruisers III
  • Caldari Destroyer V + Jackdaw IV
  • All t2 frigate skills IV


  • Research and manufacturing alt
  • Scout alt
  • DST alt
  • Market alt

Leave a comment here if you think I’ll be a fit for your group or drop me a mail ingame.

Sounds like you’d be a good fit for us!

We recently came to wormholes a few months ago after being in SLYCE/Triumvirate- got tired of capital proliferation and F1 monkeys.

Check us out!

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