Old Character Looking for WH corp


I am a semi active player who is looking for a laid back WH corp to play around with.

Little background: US central time, normally on evenings about 8pm-11pm. Due to lots of combat missions I have issues traveling in Mim/Gal space. They hate me. Other than that I can fly just about anything. Except for some Dreads/Carrier and industry ships. Have about 170M SP. Have lived in all types of space, except WH. Which is why I am looking to do some C1-C3.

Contact me here or in game if you have questions about me or would like to send your Corp details and current interests.

-Jawa Bob

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Hey man, sounds like you could be a solid fit for us. Mostly EVE veterans, high SP, heavy PvP focus.

You’re active when I’m active, so plenty of content :slight_smile:

💥 Krypted Gaming - Tight Knit PvP corporation

Hello @Jawa_Bob,

We are a super ACTIVE WH Corp/Alliance. We are always looking for players that are looking for more out of their spaceship content. If you get a chance, come see who and what we are in space…

Hope to see ya in space,
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