140SP Returning pilot looking for a small/med WH corp

Looking for a wormhole corp that offers all play-styles in W-Space. Last time I was active I really started enjoying W-Space to the point where I burnt myself out and was forced to take a break… Now I’m rested and Looking for a corp that’s serious about wormholes and has a passion for it. Not looking to for a corp with rules like “if your online you 100% a have to be a part of the PVP fleet” Although most times i’ll be glad to help. but sometimes I love solo roaming w-space, hunting/exploring sometimes do sites, mine, Pi, etc. I’d make an excellent scout as I will scan everything in the WH and all connections in full. Organize Corp bookmarks, I like just about everything to be honest.

-Please respond via in-game email or to this post with a little information about your home wormhole. (Class, Weather, Statics etc)

hello, We have started a wormhole corp in a C2. HS/C3 - vanilla. We could use a guy like you. but we do bring on a lot of new players. they ask a ton of questions. If you’re interested, we would like to talk with you. Discord

Hey man! We’re a medium sized WH corp living out of a C2 NS/C5 and have content daily. We form BLOPs and ratting fleets often and always looking for more. Come check us out.

Check us out, C4 c3/c5 pulsar with plenty of C5 farmholes. Tons of content.

o7 Im a recruiter from Meta Zero we’re from a C2 Vanillia with a C5 and a 0.0 static if you’re interested please feel free to read the following post

Sent you an in-game mail!

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