120 mill + SP pvp pilot returning back after a few months break US timeZone

I’m looking to join a WH group. I do have some experience is living out in WH before as I have practiced with taking out drake in to a C1 and seeing what it’s like Solo. It made me learn how to scan, close WH’s and appreciate the paranoia of having no local.
For isk making I prefer to rat and can fly anything up to Titans to do so. I enjoy working alone or as a group either option works. For pvp I love small/mid-size battles, I’ve experienced tidi far too much. Also I have experience as an FC from roams to hitting structure timers and so on.
Ships I can fly for pvp I think almost all the sub capitals are done- logi 5 is also done. I know for alts its preferred to have a 2nd toon that can use a dictor pilot, but I have my main toon and a 2nd account that’s only used for scanning and so on.
The type of people I want to fly with- I enjoy having a laugh and cracking jokes, getting to know the corp mates and just pissing around with the game. People that wana go make some isk and then waste it all on a hunt. Having an FC that says today were going to do a roam with orca’s. A group that understand its out to play a different game as well. In a sense im after more than just a corp but more like a community.

With all this in mind I have to put here that I am not interested in going to null unless it’s hunting from a WH. So please only WH offers.
Please reply to this post only for not, not in game. Or you can leave me a discord link.

Man you would be such a great fit for us, but we are low sec! Best of luck :slight_smile:

Well first thank you for the reply.
And I did give low sec some thought but for me theres just a few mechanics that id prefer to avoid. The big one is the gate guns, I know with a decent ship or some logi avoids any issues. But still it’s something im not a fan of. Then we have the fact that I cant use a dictor for bubbles and so on.
I have done low before, had good laughs met awesome people, but WH space is the content im after. Thanks again for the reply though.

The future is greedy :slight_smile:

c2 corp with hs and c3 exits.

We’re also in Null and are a member of the Imperium; we do have a dedicated WH special interest group (sig) called “Pathfinders” doing regular Small Gang Roams both in and out of w-space. Its a very elite group. You might be up to it. o7

Sorry but I’m staying clear of null groups as stated before.

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You’d probably enjoy some of our drunk fleets.

In Rust We Trust. is recruiting!

We are a growing and experienced corporation living the high life in a C5 wormhole. We are part of the Hole Control Alliance. We are looking for new bros as well as veterans.

What do we do?

-Weekly ratting in our C5 and C5 static, we make a lot of ISK!

-Daily PvP activities. We roam our chain, low sec, and null sec looking for PvP content.

-We have knowledgeable veterans who can answer questions and assist you in getting things down.

-As part of the Hole Control Alliance, we frequently have ops with the Alliance adding to the content available to you.

Do you enjoy mining & industry? We have a butt load of moons plus ore anomalies that spawn in our hole. Want to huff some gas, we have plenty of that as well. Wormholes also have a ton of content for the explorers out there. Why do a day trip when you can do it all day every day?

We require members to use Team Speak for comms, Discord for pings, and Tripwire for wormhole mapping.

Interested? Join our public channel Tetanus and talk to a recruiter today!
In-game contact: SidodiS Adoulin, Rhealee, baggypayload, or Zlim Naskingar.

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