Seeking Corp for WH PvP

I’m looking for a new player friendly corp that does small gang shallow wormhole PvP. I have an Astero, a Stratios and I’m working toward a tech 3 cruiser, but obviously my skills are still a work in progress. I’m not bothered about where the corp lives (does not have to be in WH space) provided they are doing WH PvP.

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Hi Fugue. Of Sound Mind might be what you’re looking for. I have two questions: What time zone do you play in, and what do you mean by “shallow”?

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Hey bud, all we do is PvP!

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Hi Cael… I meant not like C5 or C6 as I’m a new player and probably useless there. I’m on UK time.

Thanks BearThatCares I’ll look through the stuff and check you out in game.

Ok. SOUND is based in a C5. We take in new players pretty regularly and it works for us (you wouldn’t be at all useless). Our EUTZ right now is quite small. I don’t want to push you away–and I’d love to get some more EUTZ pilots–I just don’t want to give you the false impression that there would be much hand-holding in game. Plenty of mentorship on our slack though and backup available if you ping from folks like myself that can hop timezones from time to time.

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Cheers Cael… I’ve been trying to get fights scanning from high sec without much luck, just to get something on my killboard. I have to pass on most stuff as I can only do Astero right now, although I’m working toward a stategic cruiser. Thought about doing bombers or a Stratios but they feel like a skilling distraction. I think I’d consider any corp that either lives in WH space and is new player friendly, or a corp that does WH stuff from high sec or low sec.

In general, I would avoid going straight for a T3C. Losing one (and you will) comes with some SP loss, and that hurts much more when you’re a new player and have so many priority skills to train. I would probably recommend going for the Stratios instead as a cloaky lurking combat ship.

If you’re already looking for content solo with your Astero, you will definitely benefit from joining (almost) any wormhole corp, and almost any wormhole corp will benefit from having you. You’re equipped to scan out a chain and while you likely can’t take most targets yourself, having a corp at your back means you can get in close to a target and then call down a (metaphorical) airstrike. It’s a wonderful feeling.

tl;dr Based on what I’ve heard so far, I think you should check out our public channel in game “[SOUND]” and throw in an app. Our white paper and the application form are both linked in the MOTD.

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C5 space is not scary, and you certainly would not be useless there. If you can scan, you’re useful! If you can tackle, you’re useful!

OSM and Krypted are both great crops to look into for new player wormhole living. It’ll take you out of your comfort zone for sure, but everything worth doing does. I highly suggest giving hi class wormhole life a try before writing it off. o7

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Thanks Vic. My impression of C5/6 is that it’s more like 0.0 space… i.e. capitals and big fleets. I’m sure there is also lots of small gang stuff, but it does sound restrictive. I think I’d be happier in a smaller group in C1-C4 where stuff isn’t being dictated by the needs of the blob. It’s just an impression… I may be wrong… but I’ve watched a lot of vids and talked to many people now. It’s been very illuminating… this game certainly has some characters :wink:

Alright, so most people who are talking about caps and blobs are talking about Apex armor brawling. This makes up a very small percentage of overall pvp on wormhole space. BUT, even in these apex scenarios, fleets are going to top out at ~30 people, give or take a few. At that level, every pilot is important. Not really like 0.0 space at all.

More often, you’re going to be running hank attempts on pve pilots, small gang content, or roaming k space from your chain.

Of course, the statistic variation will depend on what corp you decide to join. Suffice it to say there are WH corps who specialize in each different type of pvp. Want to do lots of apex brawls? There’s a corp for that. Want to be a nano kitey boy? There’s a corp for that. Want to gank carriers in nullsec all day? There’s a corp for that.

Pick one and have fun!

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Thanks for that. A few terms there I may have to google. :wink: There seems to be a trend of folks saying the in-game recruitment channels are kind of garbage and I’m better off just going through r/evejobs, so I’m mostly looking there now.

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