Very small corp looking for other corp/Alliance to do stuff with

Hello! We are 2 long time veteran players who are interested in playing again and hoping to find another corp/alliance to pal around with. We are predominately interested in high sec PVE content, as well as mining and manufacturing.
We have done small wolf pack content in the past, but are also interested in doing wormholes and some of the new PVE that has been introduced since we last played seriously. We are more than happy to play with newer players/help a smaller alliance achieve their larger goals. We very comfortably farm Level 4 Missions and have a mining fleet set up to pop asteroid belts with quickness. We also have experience with fleet operations and wormhole expeditions.
We are currently based out of Kor-Azor so if your local and this sounds interesting message sandworm minington ingame or reply to this post. o7

Might be a good fit for us if you’re interested in joining another corporation instead of remaining in your own. Constant wolf pack content out of wormholes- lots of high SP veterans.

hey man,
We are a smaller c5 wormhole corporation. if you would like to talk, send me a mail ingame. We don’t do the forum blast ads.

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